Reduce employee turnover by 31%: Prioritize health management in your company

Employers and managers know how employee turnover can severely affect their organizations. It causes a disturbance in productivity and harms the company culture and financial performance.

One effective solution to combat this challenge is to use massage chair rentals, which are both simple and powerful. This article will discuss the advantages of using massage chair rentals in reducing employee turnover.

So, let's dive in and discover how this innovative wellness strategy can make a real difference.

The cost of employee turnover

According to research, the cost of replacing an employee can range from 6 to 24 months of an employee's salary. Including expenses associated with recruitment, training, decreased productivity during the transition period, and the learning curve for new employees.

By investing in health management, companies can proactively address the root causes of turnover. 

The link between employee health and turnover

The health of employees is essential to their job satisfaction and engagement. Employees who are physically and mentally healthy tend to be more productive, motivated, and committed to their work.

On the other hand, neglecting employee health can lead to stress, burnout, and disengagement. The result is higher turnover rates as employees search for opportunities at other organizations. Primarily the ones that prioritize their well-being.

By focusing on health management, companies can create a supportive environment that encourages loyalty and reduces turnover. 

Cost comparison: renting massage chairs vs. employee turnover

The cost of renting massage chairs for your workplace typically ranges from 200 to 400 euros per month, depending on the duration and number of chairs. While this may seem like an investment, it pales in comparison to the financial impact of employee turnover. Let's consider an example:

Suppose your company has a turnover rate of 20% annually, and the average salary of employees is 40,000 euros per year. If you have 100 employees, the cost of turnover would be:

20 employees x 40,000 euros (average salary) x 0.31 (reduction in turnover) = 248,000 euros

Comparatively, the cost of renting massage chairs for a year would be significantly lower, ranging from 2,400 to 4,800 euros. Investing in massage chairs can save you money by reducing employee turnover.

How massage chairs contribute to health management

Massage chairs offer a convenient and accessible solution for employee health and well-being. Here are ways in which these chairs contribute to health management:

  • Stress reduction: Stress is a leading cause of employee burnout. Massage chairs provide an effective way to alleviate stress, as they mimic professional massage techniques. Regular use of massage chairs can help relax, unwind, and reduce stress levels.
  • Muscle tension relief: Prolonged sitting and repetitive tasks can lead to muscle tension and discomfort. Massage chairs target specific muscle groups, using various techniques to relieve tension and promote relaxation. By incorporating massage chairs in the workplace, employers demonstrate their commitment to employee health and create a more comfortable and ergonomic work environment.
  • Improved mental well-being: Massage stimulates the release of endorphins, which are natural mood enhancers. Regular use of massage chairs can help employees to resist feelings of anxiety and depression, promoting a positive mindset and overall mental well-being.

Additionally, it's essential to consider the intangible benefits of investing in employee health. A healthier workforce translates into

  • increased productivity,
  • improved morale, and
  • better overall work culture.

Employees who feel supported and valued are likelier to stay loyal to the company, leading to higher retention rates and long-term success.

Take the first step towards a healthier working environment by selecting the ideal massage chair for your office TODAY.